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Brain Boosting Kale Pesto

Jul 1, 2020 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

Oh MY!!! Whoever thought you could eat so much kale in just one bite!  This recipe is special enough to serve to guests….  

Gut Healing Recipes – Two Ways

May 1, 2020 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

Your gut health is intimately related to your brain health and mental health.  Watch, as Michele and I make two versions of this simple, delicious and gut healing recipe.

Boost Brain Function With Chocolate – VIDEO

Mar 31, 2020 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

Did you know that chocolate (raw cacao) contains many mood enhancing chemicals?  Take a few minutes and find out how to make this delicious and healthy drink. >> Stay tuned to the end for the results of the taste test!

The Best Diet For 2020

Dec 31, 2019 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

People always ask me, “What do you think of paleo?”  “Do you eat meat?” “What about Keto?”  Basically they’re asking, “What’s the Best Diet?”   This can be really frustrating for me – not that people are asking the question, but that after all these years, I don’t have a simple ‘one liner’ answer.  We as humans like simple answers….   Think about it – there’s a lot to consider:  Body type Dietary preferences & exclusions Budget Nutrition knowledge Time  The best nutritionists don’t have a single nutrition philosophy.     There are so many variables to consider which is clearly demonstratedRead more …

Eat Cheese For Health…

Nov 28, 2019 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

As the Holiday Season slips into gear – I thought I’d share some Good News for you when it comes to what to eat and what to serve over the Holidays.   The goods news is: Cheese can be healthy!   Yup, you read that correctly – and I’m not just talking about cheese made out of cashews – I’m referring to what is probably the most delicious cheese available today….   Cheese can help boost life expectancy!   Here’s some tips to make sure you’re doing it right:   Nibbling NOT Gorging is important – cheese has a lotRead more …

Supplements For Pediatric Health

Aug 13, 2019 | Posted by in Uncategorized | 0

As you know, I believe that a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle can help your child to grow and thrive. While most nutrients should be obtained from whole, nutrient-dense foods, dietary supplements may be used when needs can’t be met through the diet or in cases of nutrient deficiencies. Below are some of the top-recommended supplements for children. In addition to these, consider giving your child a multivitamin and mineral supplement providing a broad-spectrum of nutrients to support general health. Supplements also come in a variety of forms, some of which children typically prefer, including powder, chewable tablets, gummies, orRead more …

Dry January – Survival Tips

Jan 9, 2019 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

I don’t really believe in ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ but I do believe in doing a ‘cleanse’ every once in a while to give your body a little re-set to help…– Give your liver a much needed break – the master detoxification organ– ​​​​Support gut health – mood boosting, hormone balancing, improving immune function – Boost Nutrient Status – improve memory, concentration & energyAvoiding that glass of wine while you prepare dinner or consuming a few beers or cocktails at the end of a long week can be hard but there are some strategies that can really help. Consuming alcohol comes very naturallyRead more …