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Long Haul Covid? – Support Mitochondrial Function

Aug 25, 2022 | Posted by in Blogs, Uncategorized | 0

I know what it’s like to drag myself through every day… To never feel rested no matter how much I slept, to feel achy for no apparent reason and the mood swings and brain fog!?!?!?!No, I’m not describing long Covid – this is how I felt for years when I had chronic fatigue.The GOOD NEWS is… I was able to completely reverse my symptoms.The similarities between Chronic Fatigue and Covid Long Haul are most definitely worth noting… ​​An underlying factor with both >>> Mitochondria function The link between immune cell function and mitochondrial function is well-recognized, in a field knownRead more …

6 Key Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Jul 29, 2021 | Posted by in Blogs | 0

**See below to purchase supplements     Fish oil   The first supplement I go to lower inflammation is fish oil (aka omega-3 essential fatty acids) which helps to lower levels of inflammation. The word ‘essential’ means you have to get it from food or supplements, our bodies do not make them.  Eating good quality, ethically sourced fish and seafood is a good idea, but difficult to get enough omega 3’s to combat inflammation, so supplementing a good quality fish oil (or algae oil for vegetarians) is the way to go.   Turmeric/curcumin    Turmeric has become a popular ingredientRead more …