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Hi, my name is Glenda – I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in Mental Health.

I came to be a Holistic Nutritionist as a result of my own lived experience.  About fifteen years ago, I was seeing 7 different doctors, having countless tests, multiple medications and ‘buckets’ of supplements – but no one had an answer to why I felt so unwell all.of.the.time.  I was desperate, I had diagnoses of chronic fatigue, a heart condition, hypothyroidism, IBS – ughhhh – you can imagine my mental state!  I felt as though I’d tried everything…  Then, on intuition, I decided to experiment with food – I made some pretty major changes in how and what I was eating – (Lucky for me it worked, because I didn’t have any particular guidance to follow). The shift towards a healthier me didn’t take long…  BUT, how food could help me when all the doctors could not?  I had to know why… 


This sent me on a journey of learning… 
For over 10 years now I’ve been designing personalized nutrition plans, delivering countless workshops and developing online programs helping 1000’s of individuals across North America have the support, information and guidance that I didn’t have all those years ago.  


I’m also the Nutritionist at the START Clinic for Mood & Anxiety Disorders in downtown Toronto. 







Making nutrition and lifestyle changes can be hard

– I can show you the way.

Here we are, my husband Dave and I with out 5 children…

(on the Brooklyn Bridge)