I didn’t have any concerns because I’ve worked with Glenda before and have always found I’ve gotten excellent value for my money.  I found it (the OnLine Program) very informative, one that allowed me to delve as little or as much as I wanted to with extra references available. It was very well laid out, building in manageable steps of info. and practical motivations over the six week period. And it’s something I will continue to have as a reference. I also love all the delicious recipes Glenda includes, that I continue to use!  Best of all, Glenda tailors it to your specific needs and makes herself available throughout.It’s a program with excellent content, for excellent value, that can absolutely make a difference to your health and well being – a nutritionist I highly recommend (and have), who believes in what she’s doing!     (Pam)

The amount of money does not match how much information I received. This program (Online) gives far beyond my expectations ! Taking this program will help you feel better. It will help all aspects of not only your physical health but just as much if not more of your mental health. It’s easy learning and no pressure. Amazing recipes and just enough information to keep you focused not overwhelmed . Listening to the audio worked for me and then having the document hard copies to print out and refer to later on was the best learning practice for me.Best of all, Glenda tailors it to your specific needs and makes herself available throughout.    (Heather)

I am so encouraged whenever I talk to you. Encouraged to learn from you. Encouraged to try whatever you can offer and by all of your insight and information.  I am thrilled that his (my son’s) overall health has improved as we had out healthiest winter ever. AND puffer free – for the first winter ever!! BabySteps.  I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for us.  (Christine)

Thanks Glenda!  I’m really happy to have gone through the experience and it is the first time that I am really satisfied with a cleanse without finding it too intense.  You were a great coach throughout… thank you!  (Victoria)

Thank you so much Glenda!  This is fantastic!  Thank you for your understanding & generous spirit!  (Jen)

Glenda Britton presented to our school council on the topic of optimal nutrition and anxiety and stress management. It was a tremendous success as all of those in attendance left feeling enlightened and empowered about nutrition. Glenda’s presentation was comprehensive and educational, she managed to provide the background and research on the topic whilst simultaneously keeping the talk very pragmatic with great ideas and recipes that we could use. She was gracious and allowed for questions on a range of issues.  I would heartily recommend her for anyone looking to become more educated about holistic nutrition.”       (Leah)

The Whole Food Cleanse by Glenda Britton is an easy and convenient way to get your eating habits back on track and safely detox. Glenda prepares an individualized program to meet your needs. She supports you through out this journey with your own booklet, simple and nutritious recipes, any supplements that she recommends and phone and e-mail follow ups. Some of the changes I noticed were, improved sleep, clear skin, mental clarity and weight loss.     (Sue)

I was hesitant in the beginning, as it was my first time attempting a cleanse, but Glenda walked me through it every step and made it manageable and informative. The comprehensive shopping list and meal plans spelled it out for me with little confusion. Regular check-ins from Glenda via phone/email made the difference (especially during the first week which was tough). She helped me succeed where probably, left on my own, I might have abandoned it without the coaching. Giving my body a break from a varied list of foods/habits was definitely a challenge, but I felt invigorated and much clearer at the end of the four weeks. Glenda’s insights in our post-cleanse debrief were invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without her.              (Joe)

I really enjoyed Glenda’s presentation about Anxiety and Nutrition at my daughter’s school.  The content was very informative and included many helpful tips and strategies.  (Arlene)

Thanks again for your advice, your knowledge about hormone balance, and more importantly for sharing details about your family, which is not only generous but help people like me understand the importance of why we need to take control of what we eat and how it affects how we perform, react, etc..   (Marion)

Energetic and enlightening – your talk was fun and non-intimidating. (Carol)

Hormone Presentation“:  Superb and any woman over 40 should listen to your talk – a game changer! (Jane)

On-Line Program I feel better physically, when I stay on the foods recommended by the program. I know what foods trigger an unhealthy gut to head to emotional state. There are certain foods I know I am allergic too or can’t tolerate, this program helped me learn that. . My energy improved and so did my sleeping, headaches, sinus problems. I also was introduced to new foods and recipes  I really  enjoy them. Proper eating habits what to eat and at what times and for certain reasons  are so valuable. I just want to be further educated in this area and look forward to the next program offered.  Also  to be able to communicate via email asking questions or concerns was readily  available to me , I felt so fortunate to receive the  information and support. I go back and read over the program’s material and so many answers are there and the way it was condensed at the end made it so easy to locate the pillars. It was a well informed program. Thank you Glenda, I have told many what your program has done for me and they can see an improvement and so can I. (Lynn)

1:1 Consultation Package  I just wanted to thank you for the advice you’ve given me. I’ve been to many professionals over the last year but you’re the only one that has lead me on the path to recovery. I genuinely appreciate your effort to help me out!  (Tyler)

EAT To BEAT Fatigue (online program) – I didn’t need to lie down in the afternoons anymore, that was a bit WIN in my books.  –   Plus, I put on a pair of shorts that were tight all summer, and now their loose!!!  Whaaat?!!    –   I would recommend this program – it’s easy, delicious and repeatable.  (Michele)

EAT TO BEAT Fatigue (online program) I was less tired! Had more energy! And started craving different, healthier foods!!  Glenda is supportive and nurturing and her tutorials are very helpful.   I also like how this was a whole approach – organization, shopping, cooking, supplements – it made turning everything around easier (Lesley)

1:1 Consultation Package Wonderful to work with you.  Learned so much that I can take forward with me.  (Shauna)

1:1 Consultation Package I attended a virtual presentation by Glenda that was delivered by my employer for our 2020 United Way Campaign.  I was interested in options to improve my health and found Glenda very informative and engaging.  She piqued my interest about good gut health and I booked a free 20 min consultation with her.  Following this I decided to invest in myself and worked with Glenda on her 6 week program to track my eating habits and to try her suggestions to add a few daily supplements and cut out some foods in my already pretty good diet.  I consider this a great investment in me and as her fee for services is very reasonable, it is a win/win.  Glenda is very easy to talk to, she provided me with many resources and was very responsive to my many questions.   I am now one month post program with Glenda and have noticed many improvements in my sleep, gut health and I feel great.  I continue to follow many of the recommendations and I still keep in touch via email, her Facebook page and sometimes just to share information.  I highly recommend her services and encourage you to invest in your health.  You are worth it!   (Anna)