5 Tips to Improve Digestion Without Supplements

Your body is a complex network of systems working 24/7 to try and maintain health. The organs of the digestive system take in food and liquids and break them down into substances the body can use for energy, growth and tissue repair, so for many reasons you want to make sure your digestive system is working efficiently


5 Tips to Improve Digestion Without Supplements

  1. Chew until food is mush, if not liquity “Chew smoothies, drink solids”
    • Chewing improves gut motility for improved bowel movements
    • The more you chew the more enzymes* your body produces
  2. Eat slowly 
    • Gives your body extra time to process the food
    • Helps to avoid overeating by giving the brain time to tell the stomach that it’s had enough to eat
  3. Take a deep, relaxing belly breath before eating
    • Helps put body into parasympathetic nervous state = Rest/Digest/Heal
  4. Avoid gulping liquids with meals
    •  Gulping fluids can increase gas in the stomach (sips are fine)
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Drink one teaspoon of ACV in 6-8 ounces of water before your largest meal of the day
    • Helps promote HCl production and aid in the digestion of proteins.
    • Helps mitigate the production of excess gas
    • Increases satiety, so you won’t eat as much
    • Can help balance blood sugar

               CAUTION: Care must be taken with ACV and medications that treat diabetes


Are Farts Funny? As a mom of 5 – I have to admit I think they kinda are – BUT, signs and symptoms that the digestive system isn’t working as it should is no laughing matter.

Trying to implement the above suggestions is a good place to start. For those individuals who need additional support, I recommend contacting a holistic health care practitioner to establish if a supplement is right for you.