Holistic Nutrition & Mental Health – 5 Simple Steps to Get Started

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Most people understand the connection between nutrition and physical illness, yet few people are aware of the connection between nutrition and mental health.   Connections between nutrition and mental health:  – The brain is an organ with very high nutrient demands, on average it consumes 20% of a person’s daily caloric intake.  It is composed of 60% fat, and contains high concentrations of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) such as Omega-3s.– Mood enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain require building blocks (nutrients) from the food we eat such as, proteins, minerals and B vitamins.  Unfortunately, many people eat a diet ofRead more …

Top 5 Anti-Aging Nutrients

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Let’s start with…   What is Aging?Aging is the progressive deterioration of structures and processes in the body.  Scientists are still working on understanding the causes of aging.  Some of the markers included are:–       Cellular aging Cellular aging results from oxidative stress which occurs when there are insufficient antioxidants.  This can play a role in many chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, chronic kidney disease, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) and cardiovascular disease. –       Phenotype An individual’s progression of aging can be understood by their phenotype, which is a combination of their genetic makeup and external factors such as diet, lifestyle and environment.  –       EpigeneticsRead more …

Gut / Brain Connection

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Imagine you just made a serious error at work.  Maybe you hit ‘reply all’ and sent an unintended message to your boss. YIKES – that’s doesn’t feel very good does it?  Perhaps you’re experiencing a sinking feeling in your gut…   We’re all familiar with gut feelings and the sayings that go along with them:   Gut wrenching Butterflies in your stomach Trust your gut   The gut/brain connection is more than a few phrases. The real players are the microbes that live in your gut.   There are multiple ways in which these microbes (consisting of bacteria, funghi, viruses…) impact howRead more …

How Stress Impacts Your Health

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As soon as you feel stressed your sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear preparing your body to fight or flee from whatever is causing you stress…   Soon after the HPA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal) Axis comes into play.  As you can see in the diagram below the hypothalamus notifies the pituitary gland which then sends a hormone to the adrenals, which tells it to stimulate the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol has a number of effects on the body including: Increased heart and respiratory rates Slowing down digestion Putting  immune system ‘on hold’ Causing blood to flow to largeRead more …

Food Sensitivities – What’s going on?

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Do you have a food sensitivity?  Do you know someone who does?  Does it seem like food sensitivities have been on the rise over the past several years? What the heck is going on?     To be clear, a food sensitivity and a food allergy are two different things, if you’re not clear here’s an article from Harvard Medical School, click HERE.   Why are so many people sensitive to foods such as dairy or gluten (wheat)?  These foods have been consumed for generations by people from practically every corner of the world, and suddenly processed food manufacturers areRead more …

Leaky Gut! – What’s Happening…?

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Our intestinal health is so important for our overall health. It has many important functions:   It acts as part of our nutrient delivery system. It is a vital part of our immune system and it is a very important protective barrier. When the intestinal lining becomes inflamed or damaged it can result in what is known as Increased Intestinal Permeability, or Leaky Gut Syndrome.  ​ According to the Harvard Medical School, Leaky Gut can be an underlying factor in many health conditions including:   Autoimmune diseases It’s at the root of some cancers Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Arthritis Allergies/asthma Acne/eczema Obesity MentalRead more …

Boost Nutrients For Mental Health

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Most people don’t realize just how powerful and healing food can be.  I experienced the healing power of food first-hand when I radically changed what I was eating. The changes in my diet helped to reverse heart disease, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and my weakened immune system.   The foods we eat are the building blocks for repair and growth in our body, so what you eat matters. Boosting nutrients helps to improve mental health, depression, anxiety, memory and cognition.  Eating nutritious foods helps to support immune function, build muscles and boost energy – almost every aspect of health is impactedRead more …

Gut Healing Recipes – Two Ways

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Your gut health is intimately related to your brain health and mental health.  Watch, as Michele and I make two versions of this simple, delicious and gut healing recipe.

Boost Brain Function With Chocolate – VIDEO

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Did you know that chocolate (raw cacao) contains many mood enhancing chemicals?  Take a few minutes and find out how to make this delicious and healthy drink. >> Stay tuned to the end for the results of the taste test!