Five Simple Gut Repair Strategies


Five Simple Gut Repair Strategies
The following recommendations are all food and lifestyle based.  
A Comprehensive Gut Healing Protocol would include supplement recommendations.

1.  Improve digestion

– Enhance your body’s natural ability to digest food by chewing and eating slowly.  Chewing stimulates the production of enzymes (chemicals) needed to digest food.

2.  Choose your food wisely

– Eat food in its most ‘natural’ state.  Read labels on food packaging – if you don’t know what it is or can’t pronounce it – don’t eat it.  Chemicals from processed foods can damage the gut lining.  

3.  Eat gut healing foods

– Foods that have Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids help to lower inflammation in the body.  The word “essential” means we have to get these nutrients from food or supplementation.  Examples of foods containing Omega 3’s include:  Salmon, sardines, chia seeds, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs,  flax seeds, walnuts.

4.  Help build the mucus lining with bone broth and/or Collagen 

– Check out the Glenda & Michele YouTube Channel and watch our Bone Broth Video

– Hydrolyzed collagen is an easy addition to many beverages and recipes.  See my “Collagen” Blog HERE 

5. Care for your intestinal microbiota

The microbiota is a complex microbial community made up of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and fungi.  Among its many functions, the gut microbiota acts as a barrier to the gut mucosal.  There are two main ways to ensure you have a healthy gut:

– Diversity:  Eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains.  These prebiotic foods do not get eaten by us, but they do feed the many microbes in your gut.  

– Balance:  Eat fermented foods that contain good bacteria to help add to the good bacteria in your gut.  NOTE:  Foods that are fermented in vinegar do not contain the good bacteria (probiotics).  Look for foods fermented or pickled in a salt brine (salty water).


Make note of these practices and try to implement one or two of them daily!