Spring Clean To Boost Energy

When we think of Spring many turn to the thought of cleaning their homes. As the sun shines suddenly we notice how cluttered our homes have become. Time to clean out a drawer, or wash a few windows? Well, there is something else that could use some cleaning and that is your body -from the inside out:)


Sounds Like A Project? – Read On For Some Simple Tips


Did you know that any of the following symptoms could be related to toxicity in the body:



Brain fog


Chronic joint or muscle pain

Digestion issues including gas, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea or constipation


Autoimmune diseases

Hormonal imbalances like PMS or menopausal symptoms

Acne or skin rashes

Anxiety or depression



Chemical sensitivities

Chronic bad breathe

Weight gain


Unfortunately, we are all at least a little bit toxic – it’s impossible not to be especially if you live in the city, like we do.


Leading scientists and doctors from various disciplines have come together to say that the science on toxic chemicals is clear:

“They can harm brain development.”

 think energy levels…


This should really come as no surprise as toxins cause inflammation by affecting otherwise healthy tissue in the body.


Thankfully we have a built-in detoxification system, made up of the Lymphatic System, the Skin, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs and Bowels.


There are many things each of us can do to ramp up our detoxification organs and systems every day, for example:


  • Drink pure filtered water
  • Lemon water first thing in the morning helps to support liver function (the master detoxifying organ)
  • Avoid toxic soaps, perfumes and chemicals to keep skin healthy
  • Breathe deep – Yes!  Your lungs are detoxification organs…
  • Incorporating specific foods that help support the body’s detoxification systems. (See recipe below)


Personally, I Cleanse every Spring – this helps me to manage my symptoms of Chronic Fatigue – yup, I manage that with food and supplementation.  This is why I’m so passionate about the topic of “ENERGY”…


Do you have any healthy Spring rituals?  If so, we would love to hear about them.


Until next time…

In Good Health!


Cilantro Pesto


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