Do.It.Yourself Online Program

Distracted, Scattered, Disorganized?

Can you relate...?

  • Your brain is racing - It’s hard to speak; it’s even harder to listen...
  • Some days it would be nice to react normally to small setbacks and sensory challenges...
  • ADHD is frustrating. People don’t understand why I can’t focus when I need to...
  • It's hard to effectively manage my time...
  • "Sigh..." - I did it again - I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings...


The LFS System for ADHD

Improve Symptoms of ADHD

The LFS Way!

Who would benefit from this Program?

  • Suitable for but not exclusively for someone with a diagnosis.
  • Parents of someone with ADHD
  • Someone who struggles with motivation or focus when it comes to reading a book on the topic
  • Tired of trying to figure out how to manage this on your own
  • Individuals who want to know how to manage symptoms of ADHD safely and effectlvely

LFS = Lifestyle + Food + Supplements


Improve focus, concentration and motivation with simple lifestyle strategies.

No-one knows exactly what causes a person to have ADHD symptoms, but researchers have looked at how an imbalance of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) are an underlying factor.

Feel confident with a better understanding of the science behind ADHD while you implement strategic steps to improve focus and concentration.


Research shows how diet can help improve symptoms of ADHD.  Learn what and how to eat to feed the brain.

Specific foods help improve brain structure while others help to stimulate the production of important chemicals needed for focus, mood and cognition.

LFS System for ADHD is chock full of delicious recipes and ideas of what to eat to feed your brain even if you don't know how to cook!


Learn about the options, feel empowered and educated about the possibility of using supplementation.

Research shows that supplements can help support a number of functions in the brain including: -

  • Minerals to help calm the mind
  • Specific nutrients that will help with motivation
  • Essential fatty acids that support the transmission of chemical messengers that can help with focus and cognition

I came to be a nutritionist as a result of my own lived experience.

About 15 years ago I was seeing 7 different doctors (MD's and ND's), taking multiple medications and buckets of supplements - but no one had the answer to why I felt so unwell all.of.the.time.... I was desperate... Anxious, depressed and exhausted... Then, on intuition, I decided to make some significant changes on how and what I was eating. (Lucky for me it worked as I didn't have any guidance to follow.)

This sent me on a journey of learning…

For years now I've been designing personalized nutrition plans, delivered countless workshops and developed online programs to help 1000's of individuals have the support, information and guidance that I didn't have all those years ago.

It's not your fault - you don't know what you don't know - I didn't know what to do either!  Learning to use 'food as medicine' takes time - it's a process of trial and assess.   

I'm also the nutritionist at the START Clinic for Mood & Anxiety Disorders in Toronto.

Take advantage of expertise gained from over a decade of clinical practice and ongoing education...

What's Included...

3 Video Trainings

Makes learning fun and engaging...


Rave Reviews

"Glenda's recipes truly make eating for nourishing your body and mind a delicious endeavour."

"Glenda Britton has been for me, an abundant and reliable source for holistic nutrition knowledge and guidance in my journey to healing my body and mind from the inside out."

"I highly recommend her services and encourage you to invest in your health."

Plus There's More!

The Healthy Gut Presentation

"All Health Starts in the Gut"

Supporting your gut is the essence to all health including mental health.

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The LFS System for ADHD


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