About Me

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, wife and mother of 5 children; all of Glenda’s content isn’t just what she teaches – but what she lives day in and day out. 

About fifteen years ago, she was seeing 7 different doctors, having countless tests, multiple medications and ‘buckets’ of supplements – but no one had an answer for why she felt so unwell all.of.the.time.   It wasn’t until she made some pretty major changes in how and what she ate that Glenda started to get my energy back –


But how could food make you better when nothing else could?


Glenda had to find the answer….


So, she returned to school to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to learn the science behind the healing power of food.


For nearly a decade now Glenda’s been specializing in the field of Mental Wellness – designing personalized nutrition plans, as well as delivering online courses. 
Glenda is also the Nutritionist at the START Clinic for Mood & Anxiety Disorders in downtown Toronto. 


Here she is with her family on the  Brooklyn Bridge!